What to expect


Initial meeting

We like to start a project by getting to know you, our client. What is your vision for your project? What are your ultimate goals and needs? These initial discussion allows us to discover what is important to you. It also gives us an opportunity to discover together if we will be a good fit. This meeting typically will occur at the site of the project or a comfortable environment for the client. 


research and development

We begin to take the necessary steps to bring your vision to life. There will be more site visits, review the existing conditions and take as-built measurements.  We will produce a set of plans of the existing conditions.  At this stage we are also analyzing code conditions and requirements.  This is important as each municipality is different with their own nuances. Prelimanary design options are also considered and discussed at this stage.



Once the design decisions are in the final stages we start producing construction drawings at this stage we also begin the permitting process.  The graphics go from renders and diagrams to real architectural drawings.  We gather and coordinate all consultant information such as structural, mechanical and electrical engineers. You are still in driver's seat making decisions regarding detail and materiality.



We are not only architects but we have General Contractors on staff. We would love to build this project for you as well. This is known as design-build. This method of delivery bring the most value to you as the client. However, we are here to serve you. If you choose to use a different GC it is not a problem. Together we will interview general contractors for a good fit. It is imperative to collaborate with a general contractor that will care about your project as much as we do.



Construction is now underway and your dream is close to reality.  As a design-build we are closely monitoring the construction process. We want to protect your interests and assure fidelity to the original design intent.